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ICO NameUNQclub
Start DateDecember 16, 2021
End DateDecember 17, 2021
2 years ago

UNQ CLUB is a no-code platform for DAOs focused on ownership. It all starts with NFTs - buying, selling and managing them as a group. UNQ supports two major types of clubs - public and private. Private clubs are designed for small groups of friends, game guilds or collectors who want better management tools for their assets. Public clubs are there for bigger communities willing to follow experts in the market, share liquidity and build a greater success together.

UNQ is the native utility token used for:

* Transacting within the UNQ’s Universe NFT ecosystem
* Platform governance within UNQ clubs
* Upgrading clubs for a better experience
* Rewarding the content creators

The ecosystem consists of:

**UNQ CLUB**: A toolset for curators to create a club that will suit their needs. It is like a DAO composed of multiple rules and options.
**UNQ Universe NFTs**: Universe NFTs is the only new minting standard geared at producing high utility and innovative NFTs. In simple words, they are evolving NFTs based on the Wolfram physics project that allows creating a revenue stream for the project development.
**UNQ WORLD**: A play2earn game geared towards providing utility to all NFTs. It is a combination of UNQ’s Club and universe NFTs that is focused on creating a next-gen gaming ecosystem.

**How Many UNQ Tokens Are There in Circulation?**

UNQ CLUB plans to launch its mainnet in Q1 2022 with 500 million UNQ tokens in total circulation. The team and advisers get 20% of the token allocation along with a set distribution to a seed round(15%), strategic round(7.5%), and the public round(1.5%). Similarly, the token allocation for marketing is 5%. However, the majority of it goes to staking rewards(25%), and liquidity (10%) along with a treasury allocation of 16%.

**Who Are the Founders of UNQ CLUB?**

UNQ CLUB is the brainchild of Alex Migitko, Uros Sosevic and Martin Kardzhilov, all of whom are seasoned crypto experts.

Co-founder and CEO - Alex Migitko: Alex is a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of IT expertise, including ten years in game development and five years in the blockchain domain.

Co-founder and CTO - Uros Sosevic: Uros is a software engineer with 17 years of experience as a developer, architect, and CTO, as well as five years of blockchain expertise.

Co-founder and BD - Martin Kardzhilov: Martin is a crypto-native, a savvy investor, and a marketing guru. He has spent five years completely working in the crypto space.

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