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ICO NameSynchrony
Start DateJanuary 04, 2022
End DateJanuary 05, 2022
2 years ago

Synchrony (SCY) - Truly Decentralised Asset Management powered by A.I. and Analytics

Synchrony is a state of the art decentralised asset management platform utilizing a sophisticated suite of analytics and machine learning algorithms to evaluate and optimize sets of on-chain instruments producing single-click solutions for diversifed exposure to an ecosystem's primitives. The core features powered by the platform are copy-trading and composable indices, both facilitated by a friendly Defi Farmer's market - a place to interact with the whole Solana blockchain from one location. It sounds complicated but Synchrony Simplifies Defi with A.I.

What is it?
1. Copy-Trading
Key Features
Synchrony features the first on-chain copy-trading protocol enabling users to replicate any valid transaction of another user's wallet into their own.
Copy-trading leverages indices to define the parameters for which a copy-trade is considered a candidate for execution ensuring true trustlessness.

2. Indexing
Synchrony introduces the first fully dynamic and composable indexing protocol capable of evaluating any set of on-chain instruments to create algorithmically optimized and automatically rebalanced index-pegged pools - truly decentralised asset management without the limitations of existing implementations.

3. Analytics Toolkit
Get detailed wallet and protocol analytics - analyse on-chain behaviour and performance of any wallet

4. Aggregation
Manage, backtest strategies and transact all from one dApp, no more switching between dozens of protocols!

Synchrony is a tool to optimize your workflow and to streamline your DeFi experience. A place where people can learn from each other and build things for themselves and each other. It is a means to reduce DeFi’s barriers to entry. A realization of the ideology of DeFi and blockchain.