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ICO NameSolrise Finance
Start DateJuly 05, 2021
End DateJuly 05, 2021
3 years ago

## What Is Solrise Finance (SLRS)?

Solrise Finance is a decentralized, trustless, and non-custodial asset management platform built on Solana. Solrise allows anyone to start or invest in a fund with as little as $20.

Solrise was established in response to personal frustrations about Robinhood’s centralized decision to halt all trading of GME stock - the team realized that there was no effective way for retail investors to invest small amounts on ETH based asset management platforms due to the high transaction fees.

## Who are the team behind Solrise Finance?

Most of the team have been friends for more than 10 years. They met playing Counter Strike and eventually bonded together into a dev team due to their curious nature. After years of working on the technical frontier, they ventured into the Blockchain space where they’ve been focused for the past 5 years. They’ve previously built products on Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Near, Hyperledger, Kava, and Terra, and when they stumbled across Solana they decided to go all in.

The Solrise team previously built two popular products on Solana - Solflare, the go-to-wallet in the Solana ecosystem, and Solana Beach - the next-gen explorer for all SPL tokens. Solrise was founded by Vidor Gencel (CEO + Lead Architect) alongside co-founders Matt Martin (COO/CPO) and Filip Dragoslavic (Head of Business Development).

## Why is Solrise Finance unique?

* Users can invest as little as $20 because of extremely low network fees - effectively enabling
anyone to invest in an investment fund
* First asset management platform on Solana
* Totally non-custodial fund management means no exit scams, ever
* Huge selection of assets - SPL, ERC20 tokens, and synthetic assets
* Easy and intuitive user experience

IEO Ended
ICO NameSolrise Finance
Start DateJune 29, 2021
End DateJune 29, 2021