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ICO NameSmartlink
Start DateMay 05, 2021
End DateMay 06, 2021
3 years ago

## What Is Smartlink (SMAK)?

Smartlink is a decentralized escrow platform for Web 3.0. The platform is built on Tezos to offer scalability, low fees and high-level security.

SMAK is the native utility token that is used for:

* Escrow fee exemption
* Escrow rewards
* SMAK Staking program
* Users will need SMAK tokens to participate in critical platform decisions, such as adjusting staking and escrow reward APR, development proposals, and revenue strategy.

SMAK tools include:

* Smartlink Escrow Service: A decentralized escrow service for C2C, B2C, and B2B
* Smartlink Payment Processing: A decentralized payment portal that leverages current and upcoming digital currencies for instant payment settlements.
* A smart payment milestone management service that functions as a part of Smartlink’s escrow service.
* A decentralized marketplace where products and services can be listed for retail customers and business clients.

## How Many SMAK Coins Are There in Circulation?

Smartlink originated its official contract on Tezos on Mar 30, 2021 with a maximum total supply of 896,083,333 million SMAK. [More details on the token distribution here](

Transaction fees are used to:

* Buy back SMAK at market price
* Help Smartlink’s ecosystem growth
* Hire future employees
* Maintain the platform

### Who Are the Founders and Advisors of Smartlink?

The Smartlink team consists of successful entrepreneurs, DeFi experts, PhD researchers in blockchain and security, smart contract engineers, cryptography experts, and strategic growth leaders who bring together genuine and extensive experience to develop the best possible solutions.
Ben Constanty - CEO and co-founder of Smartlink. Serial entrepreneur, scaled several companies to millions of dollars in ARR across 4 different industries: Telecom, Marketing, eCommerce and Fintech.

Olivier Audino - COO & Co-Founder of Smartlink.10 years of experience as a seasoned Fintech entrepreneur (Sourcing Force), bootstrapped the company from zero to $16M in revenue, marketplace expert.

Adrien Hubert - Economic Advisor. DeFi specialist, Tezos baker and blockchain researcher, vast experience in micro-incentive strategy, staking models and on-chain architectures.

Jeremy Martin - Blockchain engineer & Tech lead. Blockchain researcher and technical architect with years of experience in leading high-level blockchain projects (Octo Technology / SmartNode)

Konstantin Grouzdev - Strategic Advisor. Over 10 years of experience in business strategy and communication, specialized in DeFi projects, digital assets and Tezos environment.

Anastasia Duchesne - Smart Contract Engineer. PhD researcher in blockchain technology, security and cryptography, specialized in building, testing, and auditing smart contracts.

For more team members, please follow this [link](

#### What Makes Smartlink Unique?

Smartlink introduces Trust-as-a-Service, providing a decentralized escrow payment system for Web 3.0. Smartlink provides an ecosystem of services that eliminates the need for trust during a commercial transaction. Smartlink achieves this through a suite of decentralized services built on the Tezos platform including an escrow tool and a marketplace.

### Where Can I Buy Smartlink (SMAK)?

More information on where to buy SMAK [here](

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