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ICO NameShyft Network
Start DateMarch 26, 2021
End DateMarch 26, 2021
3 years ago

## What Is Shyft Network (SHFT)?

[Shyft Network]( is a public blockchain protocol for aggregating, verifying and validating data that is stored in private and public ecosystems, as well as permissioned and permissionless networks. Shyft turns raw data into meaningful information by bridging siloed datasets. Thus, the Shyft Network instills trust in this data, plus creates a reliable level of transactions for the industry and the public sector of the economy.

The idea of ​​the project developers is to create an easy-to-use and secure platform for [KYC]([AML]( identification and user certification (which can guarantee the safety of data) and via blockchain, reduce storage costs and increase efficiency. Shyft encourages clients to work on adding context to data, thereby creating authentic digital structures of reputation, identity and creditworthiness.

The Shyft Network creates regulatory-compliant tools for decentralized finance ([DeFi](, bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized organizations and making it easier for them to enter the blockchain world. Their goal is to aid mainstream financial institutions into DeFi and participate in a compliant manner. This could potentially attract large capital inflows and millions of users from mainstream markets into crypto.

Veriscope is Shyft’s blockchain-based compliance framework and smart contract solution for virtual asset services providers (VASPs), such as crypto exchanges, non-custodial wallets and brokerage firms. This is to comply with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Travel Rule. FATF is an intergovernmental organization focused on countering money laundering and terrorism financing.

## Who Are the Founders of Shyft Network?

The company was established in 2017 in Bridgetown Barbados. It is founded by a group of experienced founders that have collectively launched successful companies in the ecosystem since 2012.

The core team of Shyft Network consists of five people who are responsible for technical elaboration, architecture implementation and network development vector. These include Joseph Weinberg and Juan Aja Aguinaco (co-founders of Shyft Network), Chris Forrester (CTO), Kristofer Coward (Chief Scientist) and Fredrico Nassire (CSO).

The vision of the Shyft team is to erase the boundaries imposed around personal data using blockchain. Shyft Network operates and grows with industry leaders as technical and ecosystem consultants. In addition to the usual team, Shyft has enlisted the support of global consultants: Bruce Silcoff and Suzanne Ennis, who are part of the Shyft Enterprise Executive Team. They act as a sales department and set a course for long-term partnerships and lucrative multi-year contracts.

## What Makes Shyft Network (SHFT) Unique?

There are three initial use cases for the Shyft Network: compliance with the FATF Travel Rule using Veriscope smart-contract platform; bridging DeFi and large liquidity providers by regulatory compatibility; KYC process for government digital identity systems in partners like financial institutions, healthcare providers, telecoms and government agencies.

Key features of Shyft Network include:

The Shyft [block explorer](, which offers a set of tools to launch block explorers (removing a potential point of failure) and the ability to view individual transactions that are part of internal transactions.

Specially designed [smart contracts]( regulate a number of key platform functions and facilitate KYC/AML verification.

Shyft Safe is an accounting software built on smart contracts that manages and protects assets. It works by ensuring a secure asset is cross-validated. This procedure takes place across multiple blockchains and eliminates data invalidation issues.

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## How Many Shyft Network (SHFT) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The SHFT token is an [ERC-20]( standard currency of the Shyft protocol that was launched for identification and data transmission. SHFT is a [governance]( mechanism that fosters coordination between ecosystems.

SHFT is a native token that fuels the Shyft protocol. The token acts as a means of payment, a mechanism for linking value, and a tool for capturing value. The currency is issued for identification and data transmission, and it serves as a governance mechanism for coordination between ecosystems. SHFT pays for data verification, storage services and smart contracts.

The maximum supply is 2,520,000,000 SHFT, and the distribution of tokens is as follows: 23.81% to ecosystem development; 0.91% to public distribution; 20% to economic metagame; 5.68% to advisors; 5.48% to ongoing technical partnerships; 26.26% to purchasers; 17.86% to core team.

An initial DEX offering ([IDO]( took place on March 26, 2021 on the Polkastarter platform. The proceeds from the sale of SHFT went to the [DAO]( to provide grants to the community of developers, and to users of Shyft Network based on decentralized consensus.

## How Is Shyft Network Secured?

The Shyft system provides platform users with the KYC verification, which gives security status to any personal data. This eliminates the risk of hacking, and users can count on the absolute confidentiality of their identity.

Shyft Network eliminates the need for a centralized storage of KYC data, and to prevent users from being hacked, the developers offer decentralized virtual profiles. The network unifies the KYC procedure, but at the same time guarantees a high level of personal data protection. Shyft offers assistance to anyone interested in verification and protection, ensuring the conservation of the provided KYC credentials.

Shyft Network can function with existing applications both in the [Ethereum]( environment and other networks. Shyft is interoperable with blockchains, so the platform takes advantage of these networks. This feature is significant, since projects can operate in different ecosystems.

## Where Can You Buy Shyft Network (SHFT)?

As of August 2021, the top exchanges where you can buy, sell, and trade Shyft Network

(SHFT) are: [KuCoin](, [](, [Uniswap (V2)](, [1inch Exchange](, [Bilaxy]( and [Jubi](

The SHFT token is based on the Ethereum network so it can be stored with any ETH compatible wallet, such as Trust Wallet or MetaMask. And if you are a newbie, you can find our [simplified guide]( for purchasing crypto like BTC, ETH and SHFT.

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