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ICO NameRelite Finance
Start DateMay 17, 2021
End Date--
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Relite Finance is a cross-chain lending protocol enabling users to lend and borrow all crypto assets in one place. We do this by utilising the latest Polkadot and Ethereum frameworks.


- Cross-chain approach
From day 1 Relite is building its solution around interoperability. We allow seamless communication between different chains.

- Pools for dedicated Polkadot ecosystem tokens
Holders of DOT and related Polkadot projects will have dedicated lending and borrowing pools enabling high liquidity. This is unique to the Relite protocol.

- Lower fees and Interest Rates for borrowers
Much lower fees for contract execution enabled by Polkadot scalability and pool flexibility.
Reasonable interest and accessible collateral ratios for borrowers.

Relite's mission is to redefine and redesign the DeFi lending space and overcome the existing barriers:

- Lack of Interoperability
Fragmentation of assets within DeFi has evolved into a chronic issue. Users cannot utilise native BTC, ETH, DOT, and other assets currently segregated to their chain, from one protocol.

- High Fees and Overcollateralization
On average, users are required to surrender 180% minimum collateral and pay enormous fees for contract execution.

- Lack of Usability
There exists no simple, all-encompassing, intuitive UX required for accelerating mass adoption.