Play It Forward DAO (PIF) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NamePlay It Forward DAO
Start DateJanuary 19, 2022
End DateJanuary 22, 2022
StageToken Launch Auction
2 years ago

## What Is Play It Forward DAO (PIF)?

Play It Forward DAO is the unique combination of a guild management platform (P2E Board) and a large-scale guild of scholars numbering in the thousands (PIF Guild). Allowing broad access to Play-to-Earn gaming, PIF DAO is poised to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play Metaverse. We are an ecosystem where participants can track their performance across all games and build up immutable profiles for the pursuit of opportunities. Play It Forward, Play-to-Earn made easy.

The PIF token unlocks the full value of the ecosystem for its holders – utilized in a number of use cases such as staking, premium platform benefits, governance, as well as giving holders a share in the upside of the DAO Treasury

### What Makes Us Unique?

Play It Forward DAO intends to redefine earning by making play more rewarding. We execute on this vision via our unique combination of a guild management platform (P2E Board) and a large scale guild (PIF Guild)

P2E Board is a market-leading guild management platform that will give guilds and players a seamless Plug-and-Play experience in the Metaverse and build immutable profiles for their Play-to-Earn journey

PIF Guild is one of the largest guilds globally, clocking in at over 3,000 scholars and 40,000 community members, poised to enter more markets and bring Play-to-Earn to more communities in need