Karmaverse (KNOT) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameKarmaverse
Start DateMarch 24, 2022
End DateMarch 24, 2022
2 years ago

## About KNOT
Karmaverse, a AAA GameFi metaverse, aims to organically combine the Play-for-Fun and Play-to-Earn elements inside its ecosystem, to build a sustainable system in which the users can play while earning.
The tokenomics is designed around three aspects: output, holding, and consumption.
Karmaverse has a dual token system with governance token $KNOT and Sub-token, deploying a dynamically adjusted mechanism with the probabilistic algorithm. It is to maintain a healthy tokenomics.
In Karmaverse zombie, SERUM, the sub token would be rewarded and consumed during daily tasks and challenges. While for critical scenarios, for example, curing zombies and upgrading heroes, it must consume $KNOT token, the main token. Players can only get $KNOT tokens through special events, PVP, or buying from the secondary market. $KNOT tokens would have more important utilities within Karmaverse along with the development of other game worlds.
For example, when upgrading heroes, it consumes $KNOT tokens and hero NFTs. A successful upgrading will improve the attributes of heroes to earn more coins during gameplay. It is to encourage players to upgrade and consume hero NFTs in-game for a more dynamic ecosystem.
When playing in-game, players also have energy that puts an upper limit on daily gameplay, which is similar to Axie. But in Karmaverse, the upper limit of energy can be increased when players level up.

## How many KNOT Coins Are There in Circulation?
The total amount of $Knot: 210,000,000. The two largest segments are for Play to earn (29.0%) and Staking Reward (25.2%).

## Who Are the Founders of KNOT?
Karmaverse has a diversified and experienced team, headquartered in HK, our team members located across the globe, including California, Malaysia, UAE, Europe and Asia.
For game development, Karmaverse has an experienced team with a proven track record in SLG. It is created by the team behind two of the best-selling SLGs in the mobile gaming history, “King of Avalon” and “Guns of Glory". The solid reputation will definately help Karmaverse Zombie bring in vast amount of users and set up a health user base in the game metaverse.
Scott Chueng, CEO of Karmaverse, has been working around the idea of NFT and Metaverse/Gamefi ever since the very beginning. He has been operating and advising for a few projects mostly on Ethereum and BSC. Co-founder of a WSB community.

## Where Can I Buy KNOT?
KNOT is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges.
[Bitget] (https://bitget.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) is the first exchange to go online with the KNOT.