HeroBook (HBG) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameHeroBook
Start DateApril 05, 2022
End DateApril 10, 2022
PlatformBNB Smart Chain (BEP20)
1 year ago

**1. What is HeroBook (HBG)?**

**HeroBook** is a digital game created using Blockchain technology. Besides, HeroBook is also a perfect combination between Battle To Earn and Free To Play models. With a simple form of resistance, it is easy to make a big profit when participating.
**HeroBook** is a digital collection created on the blockchain platform **Binance Smart Chain** with many advantages. The form of direct player-versus-player PvP is attractive with the ability to bring great profits.

**2. What makes HeroBook unique?**

Direct confrontation between players and players, ensuring transparency.
Enhance individual skills and tactics.
Players are free to decide their own profits.
If you have good strategic thinking, the profit margin is extremely large.


Diverse character system with up to 20 species.
Each player will be free to play 1 of 2 characters: Foxy, Gory and the remaining 18 characters will be opened from a random Genesis Box.
Each character will have a different rarity. The 3 rarity characters below combine to create a higher rarity character.

Each character has 20 levels, after each battle, players will accumulate experience to level up and increase stats.
Levels and stats will directly affect the value of the character when trading.

20 characters will be divided into 4 different rarity levels. When opening the Genebox will receive 1 random character of 4 rarity.
3 characters of the same type will be upgraded to a higher rarity.
The rarity of the character will directly affect the value of the character when trading.

All characters can be bought and sold on the Marketplace (except for the original 2 free characters), players can completely experience all the characters they want.
The value of an NFT character will be based on its level, equipment, and rarity

**3. Who are the founders of HeroBook?**

* **LEO PHAM**
Leo and his team are responsible for community development and fundraising for projects . He has a wide network over 1000 KOLs / Influencers and a multinational crypto press partner . All projects he and his team hold always achieve virality , high ratings and create great attraction for the community .

Kyo Nguyen directly leads the engineering team and plans to deploy the product . With experience in designing 20 DEX , CEX , De - fi exchanges , and games , he makes strategy and technical operations for team.

More than 5 years of experience in creating and running Blockchain projects with the role of designing financial systems and tokenomics. He is a contributor to HeroBook's effective token

**How many HeroBook (HBG) tokens are there in Circulations?**
HBG is the governance coin for the HeroBook ecosystem and will follow the BEP20 standard. The total supply will be fixed at ** HBG**
HBG TOKEN HELP YOU: Buy Genesis Boxes to own your Geneborgs and Build your own Blockchain Game on the HeroBook system with our support.
**Airdrop, promotion,…: 3%**: 30,000,000 HBG
**Listing pool and exchange: 15%**: 150,000,000 HBG
**Marketing, market development: 12%**: 120,000,000 HBG (Total lock 12 months, open 3% every quarter)
**Pre-sale: 15%**: 150.000.000 HBG
**Surrounding P2E Ecosystem: 25%**: 250.000.000 HBG Token (Locked for 5 years, distributed according to P2E policy)
**Future project development fund: 10%**: 100.000.000 HBG Tokens (Total lock time is 12 months, open 2.5% of HBG Token each quarter)
**Advisor: 5%**: 50.000.000 HBG Tokens (Total lock time: 24 months, 12 months unlock 2.5% of HBG tokens, the next 12 months unlock 1.25% of HBG tokens per 6 months)
15%: 150.000.000 HBG Tokens (Total lock time: 24 months, 12 months unlock 1.25% of HBG tokens, the next 12 months unlock 1.25% of HBG tokens per month).