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ICO NamehandleFOREX
Start DateSeptember 21, 2021
End DateSeptember 22, 2021
2 years ago

**what is handle.fi?**

handle.fi is a decentralised multi currency stablecoin protocol allowing users to create and exchange multi-currency stablecoins - the global defi FX protocol.

**users of the handle.fi protocol can;**
- **settle trades** in their local currency, removing foreign currency risks.
- **borrow** against crypto assets in their local currency, reducing conversion fees and foreign currency risks.
- **convert** between multi currency stablecoins efficiently.
- **earn rewards** for liquidity provision in trading and keeper pools in your local currency.
- earn **arbitrage** profit from 1:1 redemptions.
- **speculate** on foreign exchange movements.

**key features of the protocol include;**

- **multi-collateral** vaults allowing capital efficiency, decreased liquidation probabilities and increased asset utilisation.
- **1:1 redemption** facility helps ensure fxTokens maintain their peg value.
- protocol fxKeeper pools ensure **efficient liquidations** to maintain system collateralisation.
- partial vault liquidations ensure users don't forfeit more collateral than is required to maintain their debt positions.
- **protocol controlled treasury** generates additional returns on your staked collateral.

**the opportunity**
global currency exchange presents a huge opportunity for defi. on average, [**$6.6 trillion trades every day**](https://www.bis.org/statistics/rpfx19_fx.htm) in the worldwide foreign exchange markets, with 2020 volumes in the vicinity of $2.409 quadrillion. the USD is the global reserve asset and as the world of decentralised finance(defi) has grown, there has been a proliferation of USD backed stablecoins, trading volumes in excess of [$70Bn per day](https://www.coingecko.com/en/stablecoins).

up to this point there has however been very little exploration or issuance of other representative decentralised stablecoin currencies. many defi participants wish to gain access to alternate currency exposure for hedging, speculation, and maybe even for payments. **the handle protocol aims to solve these problems.**

**the token**
**FOREX** is the governance token of the handle protocol. it will be distributed as a reward for protocol accretive actions by participants and will allow holders to contribute to protocol governance.

a total 420,000,000 FOREX will be distributed across an initial 182 week period; followed by a 2.1% annual terminal inflation rate.

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