Franklin (FLY) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameFranklin
Start DateApril 15, 2021
End DateApril 16, 2021
3 years ago

Franklin (FLY) is an ecosystem token for the whole VRM business. Meaning that it provides holders with Black Ocean transaction fee discounts and rebates, and it can be used for all services under the VRM ecosystem – those available now and including the new ones in the future.

VRM is a proprietary HFT company founded in August 2018, it focuses on trading AI-based quantitative HF strategies on the crypto market and provides MM solutions to digital asset exchanges. The company works on all major trading venues, such as BitMEX, Bitflyer, OKEx, Huobi, Binance, Derebit,, Bithumb, Liquid, BTSE with a market share ranging from 6.2% to 49% each, their daily average trading volume is around 15-20 Billion USD. In addition, VRM has multiple businesses in its ecosystem including VRM Research, VRM Capital Management, VRM Mining and etc.

One of VRM major business is - Black Ocean, it is a liquidity providing platform incubated by VRM, a high-frequency quantitative trading company. Black Ocean aims to cover custody, lending and legal currency channels for institutional and corporate users, and provides a series of services such as dark pools and liquidity pools. The dark pool provides a trading venue for the execution of large orders of more than 300,000 US dollars or 5 bitcoins so that the execution of large transactions is not affected by the external market environment; the liquidity pool provides for the execution of market makers and retail orders venue, there is no minimum order limit.

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