Entropyfi (ERP) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameEntropyfi
Start DateOctober 28, 2021
End DateOctober 30, 2021
2 years ago

## What Is Entropyfi?
Entropyfi allows users to amplify their passive income with fun prediction games. Our first product is a lossless prediction game which allows users to amplify their yield in a low risk manner. Entropyfi offers crypto asset price prediction games and differentiates itself with the lossless function. Lossless means we removesthe financial disincentive that penalizes users who make wrong predictions. Instead, Entropyfi utilizes the yield on deposit pool to reward winners. With a better aligned financial incentive design, Entropyfi is able to scale the prediction market and provide more reliable and scalable crowd wisdom sourcing machine.

Entropyfi is currently deployed on Ethereum Kovan testnet and Polygon Mumbai testnet. We invite you to test out the beta version at https://app.entropyfi.com/. For guides on how to acquire Kovan testnet tokens, please visit https://docs.entropyfi.com/user-guide/getting-testnet-tokens. In the next major update, Entropyfi will provide pegged asset insurance markets and bundled insurance markets.

## What Makes Entropyfi Prediction Market Lossless?
Whether you are a player to a prediction market, or a sponsor to the pool, 100 % of your principal tokens will be supplied to Aave to generate interest when you deposit money to Entropyfi.

When the game ends, the interest generated from the players and sponsors’ principal will be distributed to the winners of the game.

Simply put, you are amplifying your yield with your prediction skills.

## How is Entropyfi different?
The traditional on-chain prediction markets are loss-realized, meaning users will take a loss on their principal if they made the incorrect prediction. The loss-realized characteristics makes it difficult for traditional prediction markets to scale, as users who suffered loss might stop engaging with the product. Entropyfi allows users to engage in prediction market without risking their principal. In addition, Entropyfi supports “set-and-forget” strategy, where the protocol itself will roll over users’ positions to the next round, hence compounding the profits. Entropyfi also supports asymmetrical prediction market for low-probability events prediction, thus functioning as an insurance protocol. We at Entropyfi believes that “lossless” is a crucial part to the success of prediction markets.

## What is ERP Token?
ERP token is the governance token for Entropyfi. ERP token is also rewarded to users for providing liquidity and sponsor deposits into each prediction market.

## How Many ERP Tokens Are There in Circulation?
There are 1,000,000,000 ERP tokens in circulation.

## Where Can I Buy ERP Tokens?
Entropyfi will have its public sale on https://www.deversifi.com/. The IDO is available for 48 hours from Oct 28 10:30am PST/ 5:30pm UTC. Sign up here http://deversifi.com/DLM/signup.

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