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ICO NameDePay
Start DateOctober 15, 2021
End DateNovember 15, 2021
2 years ago

# DePay - Web3 Payments with any token

**DePay simplifies and improves Web3 Payments with the power of DeFi. Accept any token with on-the-fly conversion.**

The first truly decentralized payment protocol which addresses the downside of centralization. It's built on top of decentralized finance using state-of-the art Web3 technologies in order to offer a seamless payment experience.

ETHOnline Finalist 2020, made in Switzerland (Crypto Valley).

## DePay tools include

- Payments: Accept Cryptocurrencies
- Sales: Sell your Token
- Donations: Receive Crypto support
- Subscriptions: Recurring payments
- Swap: Best price swap
- Payroll: Payroll streams
- Wallet: Payments & DeFi
- Credit: Streams as collateral
- DePay PRO: Analytics & Insights

## How Many DEPAY Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Currently, about 2.59M DEPAY tokens (50% on ETH & BSC each - Nov 16th 2021).

Through its Buy-Back-and-Burn program, DePay will reduce the final total supply of DEPAY tokens to 31,000,000 by 2024.

## The DePay difference

### Chain Agnostic (Multichain)**
DePay is extensible around any blockchain, ensuring a competitive cross-chain future.

### Permissionless**
No one can be technically excluded from using DePay and no registration is required.

### Trustless
Every intermediate step is replaced by smart contracts which are connected to decentralized liquidity pools.

### Easy to use
Our ambition was to create an even easier user experience than you're used to from shopping in current non-crypto e-commerce stores.

### Open Source
The DePay protocol will always remain open source.

### Multinetwork
DePay automatically detects & switches the network if required.

## Where Can I Buy DEPAY?
We use our own Token Sales widget to sell DEPAY. Click "Buy DEPAY" here:

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