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ICO NameDeeper Network
Start DateApril 08, 2021
End DateApril 09, 2021
StagePublic Sale
3 years ago

## About Deeper Network

Deeper Network is based out of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, CA. The technology combines blockchain, network security, and sharing economy to create a global peer-to-peer network that empowers real users of the internet and paves the way for the next generation of the web. Already onto its 6th generation hardware unit called the Deeper Connect, and with over 30,000+ working nodes around the world, the project strives to build a more secure, private and fairer internet for everyone. The decentralized communications network of Deeper Network will be the gateway for billions into Web 3.0.

Deeper Network is built on Polkadot and has been elected by the Parity committee to participate in the Substrate Builder's Program for its visionary concept of bridging the gap to Web 3.0. Deeper Network was selected as a winner the Substrate Builder's Web 3.0 grant to build important infrastructure for Polkadot in early 2021.

## Who is backing Deeper Network?

Deeper Network is backed by Parity, AU21, Digital Renaissance, Master Ventures, Brilliance Ventures, Loopring, SevenX Ventures, UVA, YOUBI Capital, GOBI Partners, CANDAQ, Blocksync Ventures, Republic, ChinaPolka, Titan Ventures, Consensus Lab, Spark Digital Capital and BMW Capital.

Deeper Network also has partnerships with Polkadot, Best Buy, Amazon, Indiegogo, PAID Ignition, Duckstarter, Poolz and Flybit.

## What is DPR?

DPR is Deeper Network's native token. It is gas for the Deeper Network ecosystem. DPR’s value is derived from the users’ usage of decentralized services and applications on the network, as well as the incentivization of the network's staking and mining rewards. This creates a self-sustaining decentralized economy, however with further planned development of creating interoperability with other ecosystems, DPR will become useful across different ecosystems. The total supply of DPR is capped at 10 billion with 60% of that reserved as mining rewards for users of the Deeper Network.

## What are DPR's Use Cases?

* **Decentralized Private Network - P2P Bandwidth Sharing**: DPR tokens can be earned and spent via sharing or consuming bandwidth on the network. Traditional P2P network models lack effective economic incentives, which leads to an imbalance between bandwidth usage and bandwidth consumption in practice. Compared to traditional P2P networks, DPR incentivizes users to actively contribute bandwidth to the network thus making the overall network more robust and performant for everyone.
* **Decentralized Cyber Security Services:** Each Deeper node is a next-generation firewall (NGFW) serving to prevent network attacks via network scanning, overflow attacks, injection attacks and denial of service attacks. DPR can be used to purchase Deeper nodes on-demand as a cloud firewall to hide their IP address and prevent various network attacks. Websites can be hosted on the Deeper Network infrastructure without needing to worry about being scanned, blocked, or attacked. DPR can also be used for AtomOS updates (Deeper Network's lock-free network operating system), threat database updates, and security subscription services. There are also ways to earn DPR tokens. Users can earn DPR for contributions to network security, such as discovering and reporting malicious behaviors on the network.
* **Decentralized Gateway Services and dAPP Store:** Deeper is a platform provider for decentralized apps. Just like Apple’s ecosystem and AppStore lead everyone into the mobile Internet, Deeper Network seeks to introduce and lead everyone into Web3.0. Deeper Network's D-Ad ecosystem, users will be able to use DPR to publish ads without involving third parties. In the dAPP ecosystem, third-party developers need to stake a certain amount of DPR tokens to have their dAPPs hosted within the Deeper ecosystem. At the same time, third-party dAPPs must be able to accept DPR as a means of payment for services.
* **Decentralized Web Services:** Decentralized DNS help to make the Internet more democratic and prevent the open internet from being controlled or censored. DPR can be used to purchase decentralized domain names anonymously on the Deeper Chain. Domain owners will have complete ownership over it instead of leasing it through ICANN. Domain owners can also use DPR to obtain their own cryptographic keys for digital signatures, essentially eliminating the need for third-party CAs. DPR can be obtained for becoming resource providers on Deeper’s decentralized CDN network for providing faster edge access to cached content.

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ICO NameDeeper Network
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