DareNFT (DNFT) ICO Details & Financial Information

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Start DateOctober 12, 2021
End DateOctober 13, 2021
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
2 years ago

## What Is DareNFT (DNFT)?

DareNFT is the universal NFT 2.0 protocol for Digital Assets. The mainstream adoption of NFT depends on its ability to wholly reflect the benefits of digital assets. DareNFT has developed a suite of products that solve the current problems of NFT 1.0, which are: Unrecognized benefits between NFTs, Unrecognized relationship between NFT owners, and hidden risks of NFT Ownership. Our first product is DarePlay, the GameFi platform including a blockchain gaming launchpad & IGO services for non-NFT games, as well as a Rent-to-Earn and Lease-to-Earn marketplace for in-game items NFT.
We have had plans to move further with the derivative NFT content platform after our first product has been completely built and well positioned in the market.

DNFT is the native utility token that is used for:

* System fee in DareNFT (sell, buy, rent, lease)
* Locked to be minted NFT
* Discount for users using DareNFT-based applications
* Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated

Main feature DareNFT protocol

◾️Multi-Chain : Clients can choose their favorite network as a service

◾️3-layer model: AWS-like model with DAO. NFT-based apps built on top of the NFT Cloud Service (2nd layer), which is on top of our DAO using token $DNFT

◾️NFT 2.0 as a Service : Service for traditional products (games, content platforms, etc) to be NFT-based without building a blockchain infrastructure

◾️ DAO Treasury: DAO's revenue is from the service fee of DareNFT-based products and used for staker and LP rewards as well as burning and reducing $DNFT circulation

## How Many DNFT Tokens Are There in Circulation?

There are 100 billion DNFT in total.

The Initial Circulation of the DareNFT at Token Generation Event will be 2,375,000,000 DNFT

### Who Are the Founders of DareNFT?

DareNFT was founded by Duke Nguyen (CEO) and Teddy Nguyen (COO), both of whom have many years of experience building technology startups.

Duke Nguyen has a background in data sciences and quantum computers. During his research time at Keio University he has published several publications on ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems and Asia Quantum Information Science Conference. He has co-founded two start-up companies utilizing video conferencing technology since 2014. Duke Nguyen has a deep interest in blockchain and experienced the technology since 2017.

Teddy Nguyen is a software engineer & serial tech entrepreneur, innovative thinker with over 15 years of experience in both software development and business. He was working as a technical expert in many big corporations and high-tech firms from Japan to Us such as Saltlux, GE Digital, DirecTV etc. In his career as an entrepreneur he founded many companies such as E-leisure, SotaTek, Dopikai, Icetea Labs, Mindbank Group with his outstanding team. He is also the President of the Vietnam Chapter of Collaborate, a network gathering more than 500 blockchain experts all over the world.
Link for reference: https://collabogate.com/

Uppsala Security Partners with Sota Tek for System Integration

### Where Can I Buy DareNFT (DNFT)?

DNFT will be available to purchase through 3 IDO Launchpads BSCStation, RedKite and KAIstarter
Make sure you follow DareNFT on their Social Media to catch latest updates:
Website: https://darenft.com Telegram: https://t.me/darenft_official Twitter: https://twitter.com/darenft Medium: https://medium.com/darenft