Burp (BURP) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameBurp
Start DateJuly 14, 2021
End DateJuly 26, 2021
2 years ago

### What is BURP Token?

Introducing $BURP token; a blend of utility and governance over the CoinBurp suite of products.

In partnership with tech accelerator; Outlier Ventures, CoinBurp has raised $6.5M to turbo-charge the development and marketing presence of their all-new CeDeFi product; CoinBurp Wallet. Alongside CoinBurp.com; their already-established CeFi platform, CoinBurp are developing an ETH-based DeFi wallet - all underpinned by the utility, governance $BURP token and the DAO. CoinBurp Wallet is set to bring together the world of CeFi and DeFi, unlocking decentralised finance services to the masses, such as Staking and NFTs, via their NFT Market and Raffle to win exclusive variable-rarity prizes.

- As strong believers of their sustainability model, CoinBurp will commit 10% of fees to the DAO treasury
- Fees can be paid in $BURP token
- Part of the CoinBurp Wallet loyalty programme, staking $BURP token will unlock rewards on both CeFi and DeFi ecosystems, such as discounted trading, discounted purchasing of NFTs, and access to the exclusive NFT Raffle (confirmed partners include The Sandbox, NFT Boxes and Avastars)

### How Many BURP Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Currently 0 in circulation.

### Who Are the Founders of BURP Token?

- Peter WOOD (Director, CEO, Co-founder)
- Bipin BHANDERI (Director, COO, Co-founder)
- Thomas ALLISON (CDO, Co-founder)
- Richard HOWLETT (CLO, Co-founder)

It's an exciting time for CoinBurp, as they pivot from a close-knit company with a self-sustainable product - to an ambitious, growing team who wish to expand the organisation into a global brand that operates at the bleeding-edge of crypto.

In 2014, and with only £1,000, Peter Wood and Bipin Bhanderi founded CoinBurp OTC (formerly BitBroker); a brokerage specialising in selling crypto on P2P platforms in the UK. In the 3 years that followed, it quickly became a leader in the industry and enjoyed a turnover of £100M. It was at this point when Peter and Bipin decided to facilitate transactions on their own platform. So, in the summer of 2018, they partnered with Tom Allison and Richard Howlett, and CoinBurp was born.

Now, with a growing team based in the heart of London, CoinBurp has since grown to 35+ members of staff, with new recruits ranging from technical, marketing, and customer support. CoinBurp are a seasoned and credible crypto organisation which has built a thriving CeFi solution with regulatory authorisation, whilst - at the same time - remaining small and agile enough to operate at the forefront of a new, ever-evolving space like DeFi.