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ICO NameClover Finance
Start DateApril 21, 2021
End DateApril 24, 2021
StageCommunity Round 3
3 years ago

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## What Is Clover Finance (CLV)?

[Clover Finance]( (CLV), or simply Clover, is a blockchain operating system. It provides a one-stop, easy‑to‑use blockchain infrastructure and an [ethereum virtual machine]( (EVM) compatible framework for Substrate‑based applications.

Clover Finance, another offspring of the Substrate-based [Polkadot]( parachain aims at bridging the compatibility gap when building and operating across blockchains.

The [project]( was founded in May 2020 and the [mainnet]( of Clover Finance launched in July 2021.

## Who Are the Founders of Clover Finance?

The core founders of the Clover project are Viven Kirby, Norelle Ng and Burak Keçeli. Kirby, an experienced enterprise resource planner serves as the project lead of Clover Finance. He previously worked with AXSource as a Microsoft Dynamics Architect.

Norelle Ng, the operations lead of Clover Finance is a seasoned blockchain expert with a background in Human-Computer Interaction. She has served as an advisor for Bithumb Global and Guru Online AdBeyond (Group) Limited, as well as head of client relations at Amber Group.

Keçeli, who currently serves as the tech lead of Clover Finance, is an acclaimed computer programmer. Starting his journey at 10 years old, Burak has gone on to create MBO Games, as well as Staqq – an instant cross-border payments platform.

## What Makes Clover Finance Unique?

Clover Finance was designed to offer more than a single service to users, it was built as a blockchain operating system. The network contains a storage layer, a smart contract layer, a DeFi protocol layer and an eApp layer.

The Clover network provides a full-service [cross-chain]( [decentralized finance]( (DeFi) bridge. It provides a flawless portal for everyone including novices into the world of DeFi. With Clover, developers can not only easily create and use DeFi, they can also create [decentralized applications]( (DApps) that work across blockchains.

Its eApp (external application, an evolution of dApps) layer allows developers to seamlessly deploy their eApps without using other [virtual machines]( or network bandwidth.

Clover allows relayers in a transaction to act on behalf of the sender and can cover the gas fees in the base currency while they receive compensation in the denominated asset. Where this is applied, the transaction fees are deducted from the transacted assets.

The network also has an identity-based gas fee schedule. This allows for frequent users to pay a lower gas fee based on how often they use the network.

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## How Many Clover Finance (CLV) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Currently, there are 128,777,778 CLV tokens in circulation, however, there will be a maximum total supply of 1,000,000,000 CLV tokens.

The allocation of the one billion tokens are as follows: 40% are currently being distributed as ecosystem incentives (36 months vesting); 15% were sold on Coinlist; 12% will be maintained as foundation (36 months vesting); 10% will be allocated to the team of developers (36 months vesting); 10% are reserved for early backers (36 months vesting); 7.5% will be reserved for marketing (36 months vesting); 3% will be reserved as contributors grant (36 months vesting); 2.5% will be sold in a private sale to qualified investors (18 months vesting).

## How Is the Clover Finance Network Secured?

Clover Finance is an open project that is collectively decided by the whole community. The CLV token is a multi-use asset in the Clover Finance ecosystem. CLV is used for governance purposes and for voting on system upgrades.

Holders of the CLV tokens can nominate node validators on the network using a single-click deployment. Nomination of validators is done using a [proof-of-stake]( (PoS) [consensus]( layer, meaning holders can stake their CLV tokens to validate transactions on the Clover network validator infrastructure.

The Clover system is trustless as there is no centralized governance entity. The [Substrate framework]( and [Polkadot parachain]( technology adopted by Clover adds extra security as well as speed of transactions to the Clover network.

## Where Can You Buy Clover Finance (CLV)?

Currently, you can purchase Clover Finance (CLV) directly with fiat currencies on top centralized exchanges, or token swap on a number of exchanges. Some of the top exchanges for trading in Clover Finance are currently [Binance](, [Coinbase Exchange](, [OKEx](, [KuCoin](, [FTX](, [Hotcoin Global](, []( and [Bithumb Global](

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Community Round 2 Ended
ICO NameClover Finance
Start DateApril 21, 2021
End DateApril 24, 2021

Community Round Ended
ICO NameClover Finance
Start DateApril 20, 2021
End DateApril 24, 2021