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ICO NameStarter
Start DateNovember 26, 2021
End DateNovember 26, 2021
2 years ago

# What is Starter (START)?

Rugs can easily overshadow the great potential of our growing ecosystem. We are here to present the community with tools to help change that.

Innovation for bootstrapped projects has been grinding to a halt. Exorbitant gas fees have nearly caused new project launches to stall and existing projects to lose user engagement — staking, claiming, and normal trades are costing users hundreds in transaction fees.

**And this trend will likely continue.**

*But innovation cannot be stopped*. Over the past quarter, developers have sought lower-cost options to deploy their experiments. Blockchains like **Binance Smart Chain (BSC)** and **Polygon (MATIC)** have become the go-to platforms for new product launches based on Solidity, and for existing projects looking to stay alive.

Launchpads today are increasingly bureaucratic — requiring KYC and a manual selection process that is a reminder of the old barriers that have traditionally kept new innovation only accessible to the rich. We believe communities are an important contributor to addressing many of the world's problems. We believe, that given the correct tools, communities can come together and take matters into their own hands.

That is why we have developed **Starter** — it is a community-governed launchpad for raising capital for projects, that isn’t filled with government red tape and KYC rules. Instead, it is the Starter community that will determine which projects to list. It is the Starter community that uses their collective due diligence and DYOR skills to vote **Yes** or **No** on projects coming through Starter looking for funds.

The Starter community is self-empowered to:

* Performing due diligence on every submitted application on their own
* For community members holding at least 1,000 START tokens, approving or denying applicants
* Any community and non-community member can invest in approved START projects
* Community members can approve a future grant of 1,000 START tokens if the project is on track as promised one month after the sale
* FREE audit for projects who successfully complete a raise, by a trusted community auditor not corporate suit auditors
* There are no special conditions — every project approved by our community is automatically given a 1,000 START token Incubation Grant, with a 30-day lock from the day of listing on PancakeSwap.

The Starter developers benefit from:
* A reliable and vibrant, fully self-governed community seeking trustworthy launches
* An open and self-service application process, available for a one-man dev shop or 100-man operation
* An ecosystem that will help increase their chances of success via connections and potential partners who are aligned with their vision
* FREE contract audits by well-known community members (Rug Detectives and VidarTheAuditor)
* A wonderful user experience for their customers

# A Certified START
Starter also operates the Certified START programme, which sees the team handpick the most promising projects from across the Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, & Ethereum ecosystems, and offer them as exclusive IDOs.

Unlike the decentralized IDOs which the community are empowered to vote on. Certified START IDOs undergo heavy vetting of their project, strategy, and full KYC, to ensure only the best and most trustworthy projects are presented to the Starter community.

# QuickStart
QuickStart is a collaboration on the Polygon Network between the leading DEX & AMM, **QuickSwap**, and Starter. Together they have created QuickStart, which has quickly become the prime place to launch new projects on Polygon.

## How Many START Coins Are in Circulation?

Starter launched on March 8, 2021 with 1 million START tokens. The distribution of its START tokens is as follows, with over 67.5% tokens assigned to presale and automatic liquidity listing and locking:

Total Supply: 1,000,000 START
Presale Supply: 450,000 START
Liquidity: 225,000 START
Incubator Grant: 175,000 START
Development: 75,000 START
Team: 50,000 START
Marketing: 25,000 START

### Who Is the Team Behind Starter?

The Starter team consists of its founder and lead developer with experience as a founding member of the Telos blockchain and Qubicles platform, plus additional industry work with YFL, Seal Finance and others; a lead UX developer with experience working on and smaller DeFi services, and a marketing manager with a hands-on combination of degen and professional experience promoting products.

### Where Can I Buy Starter (START)?

START will be available for trading on PancakeSwap on March 8, 2021. It is now also available on QuickSwap and Uniswap, and can be purchased directly through the website.

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