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ICO NameBloktopia
Start DateSeptember 29, 2021
End DateSeptember 29, 2021
2 years ago

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## What Is Bloktopia (BLOK)?

[Bloktopia]( is a decentralized [metaverse]( backed by and built on [Polygon]( In Bloktopia, a decentralized virtual reality skyscraper made up of 21 levels (as recognition to 21 million Bitcoin) acts as a central hub for users to have access to crypto information and immersive content in one place. The so-called Bloktopias can educate themselves in the basics or more advanced crypto learnings, earn revenue by owning virtual real estate, play games, build networks and more. Moreover, advertisers and sponsors can monetize the platform’s userbase through a dedicated NFT mechanism. By providing a VR experience for the crypto community, users can engage in an immersive environment according to Bloktopia’s four core pillars: learn, earn, play and create.

## Who Are the Founders of Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is built by experienced blockchain veterans, headed by CEO and co-founder Ross Tavakoli. A “Crypto OG” who has been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2015, Tavakoli’s experience helps Bloktopia with retail investment in the platform. CMO and co-founder Paddy Carrol has worked for some of the UK’s largest brands like BT Group and Sky. The team is complemented by CTO Simon Benson, the project’s tech lead with over 25 years of commercial development experience, and CIO Libby Rothwell, with over 15 years of experience in the film industry.

In addition, Bloktopia has an array of investors that have helped it build a community of over 300,000 followers on Twitter. Animoca Brands, one of the biggest crypto VC funds, is its lead investor and was joined by funds like AU21 Capital, Magnus Capital, Polygon and Avalanche.

## What Makes Bloktopia Unique?

Bloktopia aims to create a highly engaging user experience by adding several elements Bloktopians can interact with on the platform.

To engage with Bloktopia’s high-end metaverse, one needs to create an avatar that spawns outside the Bloktopia 21-story skyscraper. Entering the first level, you can get cryptocurrency pricing information, turn to the helpdesk or use the navigation area. You can also get an overview of events taking place in the metaverse on that day, and Bloktopia expects high demand from exchanges and crypto influencers for advertising space in this area.

The auditorium will host immersive and interactive video presentations from crypto influencers and will constitute part of the key events in the Bloktopia metaverse. There will also be another floor hosting a penthouse and gaming section, where users can compete for BLOK in multiplayer games, family-friendly games, or casino games like poker.

Furthermore, there will be the option to purchase real estate represented by an [NFT](, which can later be leased to advertising parties or used to host your own events. Bloktopia also offers 21 large totems and 84 small totems called ADBLOK, located on the first floor of its skyscraper and are considered excellent advertising opportunities.

Thus, users are able to unlock multiple streams of passive and active income, access educational and learning tools about crypto, and take part in virtual events and gatherings.

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## How Many Bloktopia (BLOK) Coins Are There in Circulation?

BLOK is the native utility token Bloktopians can unlock exclusive privileges with. It can be used to buy property and advertising space or vote in the metaverse’s governance. Bloktopians can use BLOK to purchase avatars and create a personalized version of the metaverse on the marketplace. Moreover, [staking]( and rewards programs allow the community to earn income in BLOK.

The total supply of BLOK is 200 billion, according to the following distribution:

* Early adopters (3.29%): 5% at listing, 10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
* Seed round (4%): 5% at listing, 10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
* Private round 1 (4.15%): 5% at listing, 10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
* Private round 2 (6.16%): 10% distribution 2, 3, 4 & 5, 15% distribution 6, 7 & 25% distribution 8
* Public sale (1.4%): 10% at listing, 20% distribution 2, 3 & 4 & 30% distribution 5
* Advisors (7%): Unlocked in month 12, linearly released in 12 months
* Team (15%): Unlocked in month 12, linearly released in 12 months
* Treasury (33%): Unlocked as needed
* Staking (25%): Rewards given from launch
* Exchange liquidity (1%): unlocked on TGE.

The initial supply at listing was 2.04 billion BLOK.

## How Is the Bloktopia Network Secured?

BLOK is an [ERC-20]( on Polygon, a [layer-two]( scaling solution of [Ethereum]( Polygon allows for the creation of different scaling solutions, such as [optimistic rollup]( chains, [ZK rollup]( chains, or side chains. It uses a customized version of the Plasma framework built on proof-of-stake checkpoints that run through the Ethereum mainnet. The platform also partnered with [Venly](, a leading platform for blockchain game development, allowing it to bridge the gap between crypto and gaming.

## Where Can You Buy Bloktopia (BLOK)?

BLOK is available on [OKEx](, [KuCoin](, []( and [QuickSwap](

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