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ICO NameBitGoo
Start DateDecember 10, 2021
End DateDecember 14, 2021
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
2 years ago

BitGoo™ - THE UTILITY TOKEN - This is the world's first token in the history of Crypto that allows you to book utilities.

A Travel & Tourism network where crypto holders can meet with global and local tourism service providers in the light of previous travellers' experiences And also Crypto holders can make bookings on BITGOO own portal with BitGoo Coin & other Crypto currencies.

Our Mission is to create a own Worldwide Cryptocurrency based B2C (Business-2-Customer) Travel & Tourism Portal, enabling travellers to make bookings safely & easily and pioneering online travel payments to be paid with BITGOO Coin & other Crypto currencies including Master & Visa Cards also.

BitTravel will allow anybody to book utilities with BitGoo Tokens or any crypto currencies.

BitSwap will allow traders to Swap their BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens/coins for another while maintaining full custody of their tokens/coins.

About Liquidity - We've Locked 100% LIQUIDITY (100% LPs Tokens) which we added to #PancakeSwap Funds are locked for next 1 Year (till 31'Dec2022) by #DXSaleApp You can track LP here - [](https://)

Upcoming Events -

1) BTG Burning Event
2) BTG Farming & Staking
3) BTGSwap Coming Soon
4) BTG Own Travel Portal Soon
5) Listing on P2PB2B Exchange on 22'DEC'21

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