AnnihilationCE (ANCE) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameAnnihilationCE
Start DateJanuary 14, 2022
End DateJanuary 21, 2022
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
2 years ago

The ANCE token is the resident token of Annihilation Mobile gaming universe. It is designed to offer many utilities for all participants of the gaming universe. Among the utilities for ANCE are:

- Currency for in-game marketplace: It is our firm belief that gamers should enjoy true ownership of gaming assets within the virtual space. Gamers can trade their Characters, Weapons, Emotes and Skins using ANCE.

- Registration for Tournament Participation: There will be numerous tournaments and events in the Annihilation Mobile gaming universe. While some will be free to enter, others will require registration for participation.

- Player Rewards: Players will be rewarded for winning tournaments, completing quests and other in-game activities with ANCE token. We endeavour to be great proponent for free-to-play, play-to-earn gaming.

- In-game Donations and Rewards: Our creator programme will feature teaming up with streamers and creators who will be able to receive donations and rewards from players in-game for joining streamers’ clans.