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ICO NameAffyn
Start DateJanuary 28, 2022
End DateJanuary 28, 2022
2 years ago

# What is Affyn (FYN)?

Affyn is a Singapore-based company building a blockchain-powered Metaverse project with a Free to Play, Play-to-Earn mobile game. Making full use of geolocation capability and AR mechanics, Affyn incorporates the fun element of gaming with blockchain technology such as the utility of NFTs and their official currency, FYN token.

FYN token is the official blockchain utility token. The tokens that players earn can be used in both the virtual and real worlds, forming a closed-loop economy.

In the game, FYN tokens can be used to purchase or lease property, purchase and exchange NFTs and participate in various events. In the real world, FYN tokens can be used for travel, retail and lifestyle related purchases.

# Who are the founders of Affyn?

Lucaz Lee is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Affyn. He has nine years’ experience leading international teams and expanding merchant partnerships in the lifestyle industry.

He was in the core leadership team that helped a travel and lifestyle company launch and penetrate the Asian market, where it went from US$91m to US$926.6m in annual revenue within 4 years.

Lucaz left the company in early 2018 during its prime to help launch and lead a predictive genomics startup, bringing personal genetics to consumers worldwide. The company went from zero to USD$20m revenue in under 2 years before its successful acquisition by a NASDAQ-listed company.

Lucaz was exposed to blockchain and crypto in 2016, and the following year he went neck deep and has been actively involved in the space ever since.

# What makes Affyn Unique?

**Play-to-Earn that is Free-to-Play**
A Play-to-Earn Metaverse that allows players to start playing and earning without any initial fee.

**Sustainable Game Economy**
To ensure the rewards remain attractive to existing and new players in the long run, Affyn found the solution to maintain a sustainable and growing game economy.

**Mobile Geolocation-Based**
Mobile geolocation-based gaming is on the rise, and Affyn will become the pioneer of the mobile Play-to-Earn category in the blockchain space.

**Real World Token Utility**
Users who earn FYN do not have to convert into FIAT currency to use in the real world. Affyn provides special privileges and benefits when they pay in FYN.

# NEXUS Metaverse

NEXUS is a mobile Metaverse with a digital layer that is mapped to the real world where users can explore, play and participate in activities based on their geolocation.

**NEXUS Land**
NEXUS land is a digital representation of real estate in the virtual world that is mapped according to the real world. The smallest unit of land is represented by a hexagon. Each piece of land is a NFT. Users can purchase and own NEXUS land with FYN.

**NFT Marketplace**
Users may create, list, buy and sell NFT character skins, wearables, collectibles and structures in the NEXUS NFT marketplace. The NFTs from the marketplace can be integrated into the virtual world. Creators and artists will be able to earn royalties from all sales of the NFT assets.

**Augmented Reality Activities**
There will be campaigns and activities in NEXUS where, for example, NEXUS characters also known as Buddies will be planted at a shopping mall which users may hunt through the augmented reality lens. The quantity and quality of rewards from these items will be determined through an algorithm based on specific criteria such as completion with a friend or family member. These rewards can be as attractive as winning an exquisite 5-star trip to Paris or earning FYN tokens that can be utilised in the virtual and the real world within the ecosystem. This will encourage users to initiate get-togethers with their friends and family, drive traffic to a specific location, and generate a lot of buzz.

Users can build NEXUS structures on their land. These structures are digital representations of property in the virtual world. A NEXUS structure has its own set of characteristics and can be purchased from the marketplace. Each structure is a NFT that has a land area requirement, and users are required to own or lease the required land area to construct it. Structures can combine and evolve into bigger structures when two or more structures are built next to each other.

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ICO NameAffyn
Start DateJanuary 28, 2022
End DateJanuary 28, 2022