ADA Finance (ADAFI) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameADA Finance
Start DateDecember 17, 2021
End DateDecember 18, 2021
PlatformAvalanche C-Chain
2 years ago

ADA Finance is the first cross dual chain DeFi ecosystem brought on the Cardano and Avalanche blockchain, which offers innovative features to maximize passive earnings for its users. ADA Finance incentivizes platform activity by offering a Referral Program, Address Milestone rewards, and a DAO Program.

ADA Finance presents two main products: ADAFi Swap and ADAFi Launchpad. Within the ADAFi Ecosystem, users can engage with multiple DeFi tools: Staking, Farming, Lending, Liquidity providing, and a DAO. Engaging with the DeFi tools benefits not only the user but also their network.

How ADA Finance is different
ADAFi Ecosystem
ADA Finance proposes a full suite of DeFi services, on-chain derivatives, and numerous community incentives propelled by the native ADAFI Token.

Four token utilities
The ADAFI Token has four utilities, used as fees to access passive earning features within the ADAFi Ecosystem.

Passive earning playground
The ADAFi ecosystem offers innovative gamification that motivates both user activity and network growth.