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ICO NameSovi Universe
Start DateDecember 04, 2021
End DateDecember 05, 2021
2 years ago

Sovi Universe (SOUNI)

SOUNI is a 3D MMORPG P2E game built on Binance Smart Chain. It delivers a metaverse world of warriors, magicians, dragons, elements, and spirits.
Players could form up a clan of their own, use different combinations and strategies to challenge and explore the world, compete and earn rewards, enjoy the metaverse game meanwhile gaining profit.

1. SOUNI provides a platform with exciting gameplay instead of just a simple NFT collecting platform. Possessing a diverse system of characters and items with many levels and two types of games, SOUNI brings a unique and engaging game experience. You will get valuable rewards/ items when you participate in real matches

2. SOUNI optimized the tokenomics, which allows everyone to join the game with no barriers, free to join. This ensures a massive user base and creates a good environment of competition and massive social connections. In order to realize this and maintain a good game experience, SOUNI used a new tokenomics to avoid abuse from bot players. Average players can enjoy the game, get items and sell to other players for income without worrying about the token drop in price.

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