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Start DateDecember 28, 2021
End DateDecember 28, 2021
2 years ago

## What Is FomoETH (FomoETH)?

FomoETH is a revolutionary and community-driven blockchain ecosystem focused on **Reward Distribution** and **[NFT]( Technology.**

FomoETH was born from a redistributive philosophy that aimed to reward holders for their loyalty to a token and projects. It is primarily configured to redistribute wealth and ownership to the FomoETH community through the FomoETH token and their flagship project, NFTagram.

The FomoETH network was forked from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in order to build an intertwined digital economy that is owned and governed by its participants while providing guaranteed dividends to token holders. FomoETH token is the core of the FomoETH ecosystem and supports all the projects inside the ecosystem, functioning as a payment method as well as a long-term reserve asset.

Formulated around a unique structure exclusive to the FomoETH ecosystem, the blockchain technology accrues transactional fees, calculates the reward percentages, before automatically dispersing the ETH directly to the FomoETH holding Wallets. Assuming the FomoETH transaction volume is continuous, holders should benefit from the incremental ETH payments up until they decide to liquidate the token.

### How Many FomoETH tokens Are There in Circulation?

FomoETH tokens have a total supply of 1 trillion tokens each on BEP20 and ERC20, so a total of 2 trillion will be bridged through Anyswap.

The largest recipients of token distribution will be the public presale and liquidity pool. Necessitating a majority of the token flow, the presale, and liquidity are necessary to facilitate platform growth. Just 12% of FomoETH tokens will be set aside for the project team to help bootstrap the FomoETH network and ensure a diverse and accessible community over the coming years. The remaining number will be allocated to other areas of infrastructure and FomoETH schemes to keep the ecosystem projects afloat.

**Initial Token Distribution:**

- Public Presale: 43.19%
- Liquidity: 21.38% (Locked on Pinksale Platform)
- Project Team: 12% (Locked and vested on Pinksale Platform)
- Bonus fund: 10% (Locked and vested on Pinksale Platform)
- Partners and Advisors: 6% (Locked and vested on Pinksale Platform)
- Marketing and Exchange Listing: 5% (Locked and vested on Pinksale Platform)
- Bounties: 2% (Unlocked for airdrop and other events)
- Pinksale Fee

### Who Are the Founders of FomoETH?

FomoETH is collectively powered by a devoted roster of industry experts with skin in the game and a burning passion for the decentralized philosophy. Combining industry know-how, technological ability, and a proven track record in fields such as finance and marketing, FomoETH is founded on one of the most capable team units in the crypto sphere.

The FomoETH team can be segmented into two working bodies. The main team consists of lead developers, digital marketers, blockchain specialists, community managers, and designers. Another team is much smaller but no less important, made up of FomoETH’s investors and advisors.

The core team members are based in the Philippines.

#### What Makes FomoETH Unique?

What makes FomoETH singular in its ability to generate value, is that it’s the first auto-reflection token to operate on both [Ethereum]( and the [Binance Smart Chain]( Network, primarily configured to redistribute wealth and ownership to the FomoETH community through the FomoETH token and our flagship project, NFTagram.

FomoETH is a low-inflation and low-circulating-supply asset that is used by validators, developers, and users to participate in the network and earn rewards, as well as to transfer fees, serve as collateral for other tokens, and participate in future protocol governance.

FomoETH token is the core of the FomoETH ecosystem and supports all the projects inside the ecosystem.
The FomoETH token dynamics propagate on-chain transactional fees by assigning the accumulated funds to token holders based on their current wallet holdings.

NFTagram seeks to consolidate the social dynamics of Instagram with the current wave of NFT projects that are forced to debut on non-interactive platforms like OpenSea. Understanding the correlation between personalisation and popularity amongst digital platforms was one of the key philosophies behind NFTagram, and how it can be used to promote organic growth. Blending this with a burgeoning market based on revolutionary NFT technology, and the project becomes a guaranteed home run.

With NFTagram, users are encouraged to mint personalised insights into their lives that can be both commodified and socialised. Given the iconography generated by Instagram throughout the 2010s, NFTagram will fuel interest in niche and mainstream posts by granting users the chance to profit and own digital moments in real time. Listings will have the potential to capitalise from the virality that has befallen thousands of Instagram posts and reels in recent years, adding a completely new dynamic to both the social media market and the NFT market. Blending community and arbitrage may become the underpinning combination for all future social media and NFT platforms.

The NFTagram app is currently under construction and is expected to launch next year as the opening project on the FomoETH ecosystem. You can track the rollout through the FomoETH website and social media accounts.

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### How Is the FomoETH Network Secured?

As an [Ethereum]( [ERC-20]( token, FomoETH is secured by the proof-of-stake ([PoS]( consensus mechanism. Unlike the proof-of-work ([PoW]( consensus utilized by Bitocin, PoS relies on the amount of staked tokens for selecting node validators.

Beyond trusting the validity of its USD peg, any security issues related to those which affect all ERC-20 standard tokens. Transactions, for example, can suffer from abnormally high fees if [gas prices]( on the Ethereum blockchain spike.

FomoETH’s decision to implement KYC was predicated upon a series of circumstances, ranging from regulations to on-chain platform preferences. The ethical nature of KYC will always be up for debate, however, FomoETH understands its place in the crypto sphere for the foreseeable future, in order to maintain a secure and user-friendly experience.
FomoETH's KYC is conducted by [Veriff](, a global identity verification company offering services to online businesses to mitigate fraud attempts and assist in regulatory compliance.

FomoETH's contract code has been audited by [CertiK](, the industry No.1 contract audit and crypto security company, and [InterFi Network](, a professional and easy-to-understand smart contract security audit company that has audited more than 500,000 solidity code-lines on Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana Smart Chains.

### Where Can You Buy FomoETH (FomoETH)?

FomoETH BEP20 token is already launched and is available to buy on [PancakeSwap](
FomoETH is going to partner with other Centeral Exchanges soon.

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